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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Masterpiece Cyclops Portrait

Duchess Cyclops Portrait

Duchess Cyclops as a young woman, posing nude with her pet dragon, note the rare exposure of her mystical third breast.

Scene of the day the castle was invaded

Duchess Cyclops three children, Lord Leopold, Lady Vasilia and Lady Alexandra.

Duchess Cyclops remembrance plate.

The Duchess remembers the story told to her about the day the castle was invaded by the one eyed creatures. "They rode in flying plates and flew faster than than the royal dragons. Although they didn't speak our language, they filled the castle with love. My mother, was married to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Upon their arrival she was gifted to their leader. Their love was strong and she was soon with child. I was born shortly thereafter and was the first of our kind, known as the Royal Cyclops."

Superb, Art Nouveau, extra large plate or charger, antique, hand painted Hutschenreuther Gelb plate marked with a "LHS" and a lion stamped in green. Artist signed "F.M.M" ca. 1920. Has wonderful metallic floral design in golds, bronze, deep purple and accents in turquoise, pink and purple.

HUGE cabinet plate or charger with a diameter of 12.7".

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