Unloved, Thrown Out and Abandoned Creations by Angela

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maria the Gentle Fawn

Maria the Gentle Fawn

Finally finished Maria...
uploaded to Etsy to sell

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bridal Gifts for the Modern Girl

Inter-species couple RABBIT/SQUIRREL caketopper by Melabo
Just fabulous for any wedding cake - finally caketoppers that are cool!

Custom Mrs. Panties by SomethingBlueDesigns

Very cute and hip and totally wearable.

Domestic animal tea towels by LoudMouse

Lessons learned by every new wife!

Custom Wedding Mug with a Couple's Name and Wedding Date by MaidOfClay

Lovely! I just hate those old school crystal embossed wine glasses - this is much better!

Modern Lady Portrait Plate, Altered Antique Plate

I just love this plate don't know why it hasn't sold yet?

RAINBOW BRITE retro APRON by PoppysGardenGate

Very important modern lady housewife attire! JUST LOVE IT! I would totally try to bake if I had that to wear!

I Love the Ocean Blue Satin Heart Burlesque Pasties by GothFoxDesigns

What new housewife doesn't need these? These would totally get me out of vacuuming!

Custom Classic 2.5 Inch Temporary Tattoos from Buttonhead

So Very Awesome!

Setting up New Shop at 1000 Markets

Kitty Scout Portrait Plate
Modern Portrait plate now at my new store at www.BeatUpCreations.1000Markets.com

Thought I would try 1000Markets but I am sure it will be hard to beat Etsy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Timmy the Giant Golden Snail

Timmy is made up from an old, antique, very sad and beat up doll head, taxidermy giant snail shell, taxidermy raccoon penis bones for his antennas, some clay, some golden enamel paint...

He was so beat up I thought some bling bling might cheer him up and wow... it sure did. His face still shows signs of his long life but at least he didn't have to go to one of those doll hospitals for botox or whatever they do to their crackling faces.

S&M Jilly the Black Widow

Jilly is a sadist spider as most Black Widows are. She is made from porcupine quills, antique porcelain doll head, swarovski crystals - for red tummy, clay and a plethora of mediums.

Altered Antique Plates

Late Night Timmy

Its been a long night for Timmy. He got a black eye, his eyeliner has smeared, he had to start smoking again. Oh Timmy!?

Late Night Timmy is assembled using an vintage porcelain doll head, re-worked. The wood plaque is an abandoned taxidermy plaque, used. Timmy's horns are made from bobcat claws. His cigarette is made from the tip of a porcupine quill. Add some paint, some glue and some clay...

Cindy the Octopus

Cindy the Octopus is made from an old doll head, clay and paint.

Andrea the Delicate Doe

Assembled with an old doll head, deer antlers, grandmas tea cups, makeup brush, fondue forks, old glass ink jar with some ink still in it, paint, glue, copper, solder, and hemp string.